Charges – effective 1st April 2022

Children under 2 Children Over 2
Full Week £56 £52
Full Day £63 £57
Half Day £38 £37
Hourly Rate £10 £9
Late Fee (all children) £10.00 after 1pm £20.00 after 6pm

Monthly Charges

 Children under 2 Children Over 2
1 x half days £164.67 £160.33
2 x half days £329.33 £320.67
3 x half days £494 £481
4 x half days £658.67 £641.33
5 x half days £823.33 £801.67
1 x full day £273 £247
2 x full days £546 £494
3 x full days £819 £741
4 x full days £1092 £988
Full Time £1213.33 £1126.67

Before/After School / Holiday Club

Costs for all children
After School £15
Holiday Club Full Day £40
Holiday Club Half Day £25
Playgroup £12

Food Provision

Meals (Breakfast, 7:30am-8:30am/Lunch/Tea) can be provided to the funded children at the cost £4.20 for a full meal or £2.50 for a nursery packed lunch.

The cost of food is included in the prices quoted and includes the following:

  • Morning sessions include breakfast and a two course lunch
  • Afternoon sessions include a light tea
  • A specific menu for babies is provided
  • Drinks and healthy snacks are available throughout the day
  • A single brand of nappies and wipes are included in the prices quoted for children aged 0-2. If a specific brand is required, these will need to be provided by the Parent/Carer.


An admin fee of £50.00 is charged upon booking a place at nursery, which accounts for all your child’s visits and paperwork. This charge is non refundable.

Full fees are payable for all days that the child is absent from nursery for whatever reason. Fees will be collected monthly in advance on the 1st of each month by direct debit. For the first month of attendance we require a payment by bank transfer or cash prior to the child’s first day at nursery. Any extra sessions required are payable in advance.

The nursery is closed for one week between Christmas and New Year also all other bank holidays.

Fees are calculated by multiplying the weekly rate by 52(weeks) and dividing it by 12(months).

Bright Star Nursery accepts all employer voucher schemes as well as Government’s Tax Free Credit Scheme.

A sibling discount of 5% will be given to families with more than one child attending Bright Star Nursery.

Bright Star Nursery will allow 2 weeks holiday per year without charge.