Well, apart from some holiday planning there are some emotional times ahead as we plan school visitors for September starters (w/c 2nd July) a chance to see what lies ahead and calm any nerves before stepping into reception, a significant time for all involved, parents and children alike.

W/c 16th July sees our Graduation ceremony as those in the pre-school unit celebrate their achievements with us and a chance for carers to mark the occasion.

We hope all our children establish valuable and lasting relationships with their peer groups and learn the skills to form friendships in the future.

As our leavers transition to school life they are likely to see their peer groups grow and develop and so on Monday 30th July we celebrate international friendship day. The ability to recognise what contributes to a successful friendship is something we promote through every age group, the ability to form a valuable two-way relationship is a firm foundation stone for life.

For further details please keep referring here or to our facebook page.

Regards – The Brightstar team.